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Softgames created the bejeweled game Yummy Tales. Follow the winding path around the farm and resolve all of the puzzles you come across. Line up three or more of the similar icons and collect the proper fruits, vegetables, and biscuits to feed the cute farm animals.




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Yummy Tales

You may go on an adventure with Oscar the adorable dog around the farm to feed all of the animals in this matching game. The game contains a staggering 900 levels to unlock, and each time you come back to continue your trip, you can receive Daily Rewards!

Each puzzle has a set number of moves that you have to solve it. You can ask the farm animals in the field what they would like to eat. Arrange three or more of the identical tomatoes, berries, apples, bell peppers, melons, or other things in a row by moving them around.

Only two icons that are adjacent to one another on the board can be swapped (horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally). The icons will simply jump back to their original position on the board if there isn't at least one valid match as a result of each move.

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You can access the hidden treasure chests strewn over the farm by gathering stars. These frequently include one of the four helpful boosters that let you get rid of obstacles and arbitrary objects. To open the gates leading to the next location on the map, you'll also need stars.
It can be difficult to earn the maximum three stars in some stages, but here's a technique to make it easier: Make an effort to finish each level with the fewest moves feasible. After you've finished feeding the animals, any remaining movements will be converted into bombs and dispersed over the board. They'll all activate simultaneously, setting off a cascade that will greatly raise your score.

How do I get more stars?

For any combination you create while playing that contains more than three identical objects, you'll also receive a bomb. A bomb that can clear a whole row or column will be created when four things are lined up. There is a white ring surrounding these bombs.
Five matching objects can produce one of two types of bombs: Any T- or L-shaped combination of five objects will produce a bomb that can instantly clear a row and a column. You receive a special bomb when you create a straight line of five matching things; you get to choose which item to merge with the bomb in order to remove all items of one type.
Make use of these bombs to quickly gather a sizable amount of the necessary fruits and veggies. Or, like a true Match-3 master, try moving the icons around the board to strategically direct the blast to remove several bothersome barriers at once!

How do you get the best out of bombs?

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Yummy Tales

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